Technical assistance for national classification schemes

The Coastal Hazard Wheel App provides global coastal classification data in low-moderate quality unless detailed classification activities have been implemented for a specific area. For national coastal management and standardized communication, it is therefore recommended that the coastal classification is upgraded to high quality to ensure a uniform and reliable classification.

As part of our global coastal classification programme, we offer tailored packages for these upgrades that include training and technical support activities for relevant local, regional and national stakeholders. These are offered as "national coastal classification, hazard management and standardized communication schemes".

The specific activities for the schemes depend on geographical scope, stakeholders involved, national governance systems, language requirements and follow-up plans and can be designed according to national priorities. They generally involve the detailed coastal classification activities and relevant training, technical support and policy-activities.

In addition to these comprehensive technical assistance activities, we provide general support to the use of the Coastal Hazard Wheel on a continuous basis.

For more information on our broader technical assistance activities or on the functioning of the Coastal Hazard Wheel, please get in touch with us.