The Coastal Hazard Wheel App

The Coastal Hazard Wheel App is available as a web viewer operated by Deltares and currently provides global coastal classification and management data in low-moderate quality and focuses on erosion hazards. The App makes use of global bio-geophysical data to classify the world's coastlines, and national coastal classification data will become gradually available in high quality as various classification projects are implemented.

The Coastal Hazard Wheel App is undergoing continuous development and the full range of hazard types and management options will be incorporated in planned updates. Furthermore, research is currently carried out on the integration of coastal management activities and land-use and on addition of relevant citizen science components.

The Coastal Hazard Wheel App will constitute the backbone for the continuous and dynamic classification of the world's coastlines and all classification data will become available with open access.

The Coastal Hazard Wheel App can be accessed here and for further information on our ongoing research, development and classification activities, please get in touch with us.