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For coastal decision-making at local, regional and national level

The Coastal Hazard Wheel is a universal coastal adaptation support system that can be used for three main purposes:

Multi-hazard-assessments at local, regional and national level

Identification of hazard management options for a specific coastline

As a standardized coastal language to communicate coastal information

Coastal Hazard Wheel explained

The key to the world's coastlines

The Coastal Hazard Wheel is developed to support coastal decision-making at all management levels and address the challenge of coastal climate change adaptation. It is based on a universal coastal classification system and functions as a key for classifying a particular coastal location, determining its hazard profile, identifying relevant management options and communicating coastal information. The Coastal Hazard Wheel App provides global coastal classification data in low-moderate quality and high quality national classifications will become gradually available as various classification projects are implemented.

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New global activities

  • 20.03.17 - Coastal Hazard Wheel platform operational

    The Coastal Hazard Wheel / Open Access Platform will constitute the hub for all activities related to Coastal Hazard Wheel system. It will provide direct access to all scientific and technical background information and provide the basis for ongoing big data activities on classification of the word's coastlines. It is the aim that the platform over time will offer interactive global coastal classification and management data for coastal stakeholders worldwide.

  • 20.03.17 - UNEP Coastal Hazard Wheel publication package released

    The UNEP publication package on the Coastal Hazard Wheel provides a complete guide to the CHW system and consists of four components, namely the Executive Summary, the Quick start guide, the Main manual and the Catalogue of hazard management options. The publication package provides guidance to the full range of stakeholders involved in coastal adaptation activities and the Executive Summary is translated to all official UN languages.

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